Flying Eagle blog, Chapter 3

The final countdown

5.1.2016  Stefan Fors

Even the project had a short break during Christmas. But now we are back again excitingly waiting for end of January when the next step will be achieved, the final shutdown of PM2.

Most of the purchases have been, of course, made at this point. In December we finalized the deals regarding dismantling and installation of both electrification and automation.  In these areas will really be a lot to do. Suppliers are:

  • automation,  Valmet Automation

  • sectional drives including motors and electricity distribution, ABB

  • distribution transformers, MCC and frequency converters, VEO

  • switchgear 3 kV and AC motors, Siemens

  • control valves, Metso

  • field instruments, Endress Hauser

Also the piping works and dismantling of the existing machine were agreed last month.

One of the old cranes was just dismantled. The hook from a mobile crane at the yard approached through the ceiling and lifted the beam from the rails. This was a quite impressive maneuver.


We are putting a lot of effort on safety, and everybody has to attend safety training before joining the project. To my big surprise already at this point more than 600 people have attended this training. I guess we will end up somewhere between 1200 and 1500. Until now we have also been lucky that no accidents have occurred in the project.

The coming weeks before the shutdown we are busy organizing the site activities. There is a big need for a lot of parking space, well-working canteen, storage space and offices for suppliers, space for dismantled equipment etc.  In the middle of January supervisors of main suppliers will start to arrive, and of course, we wish them all very welcome to join the Flying Eagle.



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