Flying Eagle blog, Chapter 9

25.7.2016 Stefan Fors


The Eagle is flying

On 22 of July at 15.05 pm BM 2 was successfully in production. After very intense last two weeks of testings, all areas were ready for board production. It was for sure a very happy moment to all of us.

Fist metres of board on Pope reeler


Happy BM2 team



This beautiful board machine will during the coming months produce an increasing amount of board, and the  efficiency will very soon be brought up to top level. From the project, the baton is now handed over to the operations. In less than sixteen months after change of  Kotkamills ownership, we have dismantled PM 2 and installed BM2. I think we all (suppliers, Kotkamills personnel, project organisation) can be very proud of this achievement.

Mission completed.