Flying Eagle blog, Chapter 2

07.12.2015  Stefan Fors

Keeping in the schedule

The Flying Eagle is heading for the runway. At the beginning of December the project organisation will move into temporarily project facilities at the mill. Excavation work for new foundations is already proceeding, even inside the production building. Sections of both machine floor and bottom floor have disappeared, and all this while PM 2 is still producing paper at top efficiency.

A part of the equipment has lost its own foundations while giving way to foundations work for the new winder. The process is still operating very well, even if hanging in the air. I have not seen this before.

In addition to the main machinery of the board machine, the scope is quite large. Six refiners in the mechanical pulp plant will be replaced with one single refiner, with a 24 MW electrical motor. The investment scope also consist of a new wrapping line, new core cutting, two new pulpers for chemical pulp, upgrade of coating color kitchen, new building for pulp and core handling (3500 m2), new crane (50 t), new hall ventilation and a lot of supporting equipment.

Kotkamills is also going to put a lot of effort on environmental protection with a total budget of 5.5 MEUR. Flootech Oy will supply the main machinery of the effluent treatment plant. Investment into the latest environmental technology helps us to stay well under the effluent limits and take part in improving the condition of the Gulf of Finland.