Flying Eagle blog, Chapter 7

4.5.2016 Stefan Fors

Hectic moments

We are now living probably the most hectic moments of the project. Site manpower is more than 1100 and we have have given safety trainings to more than 2600 people. The machine itself already looks like a board machine and from now on most emphasis is put on more or less  “invisible” items such as electrification, initial testings and installation of pipes.

The electrification is very large in this project, including a lot of transformers, switchgears, huge sectional drive, 300 meters of electrical cabinets, etc. Last week (week 17) we started up the new UPS-system for the first time. This week we will get the middle voltage electrical distribution and MCC running. We will have to complete more than 10 000  I/O checks.

Still some pipes to  install.


Installation of tanks.

Drying section growing. PM 1 running at full efficiency on the left hand side.

Wet end on 28.4.2016. Quite impressive, I think.

Coating section growing longer and longer.

One of the most critical point will be during the mill shut down on 9 - 22.5. Then we will dismantle the old wrapping line and install the missing part of the new wrapping line as well as the new core cutting line. These will be taken into use by PM1 when the mill starts up again on 23.5.
We usually call these frying pans, but they are press plates in the wrapping line.

 Pulp and core storage proceeding.

The sun is shining, summer is arriving and the newborn eagle is spreading its wings.


Kotkamills' Management Policy

In their operations, Kotkamills Oy and its subsidiaries strive to be professional, responsible and active players in the industry. We know our customers, we keep our promises, and we are a flexible supplier.

People, environment and results are important to us. We perform our work with quality in mind, and we are committed to reducing the environmental impacts caused by our operations and to preventing the contamination of the environment. In all our operations, we apply the principles of continuous improvement and sustainable development, paying attention to environmental aspects, safety and effective laws and regulations. We require the same of our stakeholder groups.

We are initiators and innovators. We continuously carry out systematic development work to find new solutions and to meet customer requirements. We accept challenges and continuously develop our work methods. We reform and renew together.

We pay special attention to working atmosphere and to occupational and product safety and aim at open interaction and communication, taking our personnel and our stakeholders into account.

The company’s management and personnel are committed to this management policy and to the continuous improvement of the company’s operations. The management policy has been communicated to the personnel, and it is available on our intranet pages. If necessary, the management policy is updated in connection with management reviews.

The company’s Management Team approved this Management Policy in its meeting on 11 May 2017.


Kotkamills' Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to be in the forefront of innovation and a trusted, agile and successful partner in providing forest based solutions in harmony with the environment in a changing world.

PASSION (Mission)
Our passion is to be a global and leading provider of industrial and consumer board products based on responsibly sourced renewable fibers.


Customer first
We know our customers.
We keep our promises.
We get the job done.

We care about
people, the environment and society around us and results.

We are active and creative
We reshape the present.
We encourage each other.
We enjoy work.