Flying Eagle blog, 1st Chapter

03.11.2015 Stefan Fors

BM2 - new board machine

Here is a quite big investment project on-going at Kotkamills, and I was asked to start to write a regular blog in order to share some information how things are proceeding. Why not, I thought, writing is quite fun.

Immediately after the change of ownership of Kotkamills Oy, we started in April to implement the plans of rebuilding PM2  into BM2, as we intend to name the new board machine.  It was a very rapid start to create the project organisation, close a design deal with Pöyry, as well as purchase the main machinery within the first few weeks. But this was also a very effective way of getting up to full speed from the very beginning. We have set a very tight time schedule to ourselves.  Start-up by midsummer 2016.

BM2 will produce high quality folding boxboard qualities, with for sure one of the best possible technical concepts in this industry. These excellent technical solutions will also offer great opportunities in product development, and thus I foresee a wide range of new Kotkamills board grades penetrating the markets in the next coming years.

Bellmer-Vaahto will deliver the wet end of the machine, including short circulation, head boxes, wire section, press section and drying section.  From the drying section Valmet will continue the machine with on line coating section consisting of different kind of coating units, all which ensure a superior board quality beyond standard packaging grades. Also the reeler and a new winder will be delivered by Valmet.

At the moment we already have some site activities. Excavation works started in early September and also demolition work has started in different areas of the mill. This summer was quite hectic to most of our project people, but I suppose it is nothing compared to next summer. We will for sure spend the coming midsummer festival at the mill, and can only dream of Finnish midsummer traditions such as sauna, barbeque and a beer or three.