Flying Eagle


The story of the Flying Eagle began in the beginning of 2015. Flying Eagle is a major investment project of Kotkamills at Kotka site. Our Project Director tells you more about the start and the milestones towards Consumer Boards business and the construction of the new board machine.  Step into the project!


25.7.2016  Stefan Fors 

The Eagle is flying

On 22 of July 2016 at 15.05 pm BM 2 was successfully in production. After very intense last two weeks of testings, all areas were ready for board production. It was for sure a very happy moment to all of us.

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21.06.2016  Stefan Fors

Beginning of the end of the project

Mechanical installations are soon finished and almost daily we have installation inspections. Construction works are also mostly done. This can be noted in our manpower, which has now decreased to 950 from the peak week's above 1200.

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04.05.2016  Stefan Fors

Hectic moments

We are now living probably the most hectic moments of the project. Site manpower is more than 1100 and we have have given safety trainings to more than 2600 people.

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07.04.2016  Stefan Fors


After a period of fine tuning of the dismantling and a lot of construction activities, the mechanical installations are increasing. Also pipes, automation and electrical installations have started.

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02.03.2016  Stefan Fors


The paper machine is gone. Two weeks after shut down the main machinery had disappeared and left was only a long black hole.

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02.02.2016  Stefan Fors


PM 2 has stopped for the last time. Early in the morning of 23.1.2016 we produced the last machine reel of Solaris® printing paper. It was of course a sentimental moment to many people at the mill. However, the new board machine will for sure fill up the empty spaces both in the soul as well as in the machine hall.

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05.01.2016  Stefan Fors

The final countdown

Even the project had a short break during Christmas. But now we are back again excitingly waiting for end of January when the next step will be achieved, the final shutdown of PM2.

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07.12.2015  Stefan Fors

Keeping in the schedule

The Flying Eagle is heading for the runway. At the beginning of December the project organisation will move into temporarily project facilities at the mill. Excavation work for new foundations is already proceeding, even inside the production building. Sections of both machine floor and bottom floor have disappeared, and all this while PM 2 is still producing paper at top efficiency.

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03.11.2015 Stefan Fors

BM2 - new board machine

Here is a quite big investment project on-going at Kotkamills, and I was asked to start to write a regular blog in order to share some information how things are proceeding. Why not, I thought, writing is quite fun.

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