Smaller waste footprint

Plastic is everywhere.
It has infiltrated our oceans and food.

There is over 250 000 tons of plastic waste in our oceans. Much of this litter comes from packaging materials.

But the world is unimaginable without these materials. We believe that packaging can be part of sustainable development and circular economy. Plastics do not belong in our food. None of us will disagree with this.

Pollution and waste are a growing problem in our eco system. Everyone of us has a waste footprint that is ever-growing.

“Growing waste footprint is a real struggle for the environment and a challenge we at Kotkamills aim to conquer”
Director, Barrier Boards Saila Kettunen pinpoints.

At the same time we give consumers a chance to impact the world we leave to those who will come after us.

“We have this one planet we all live on. It is the same planet we grew up on and it’s the same planet we leave for our children. Therefore it is only logical that we take good care of it. It is the right thing to do”
Kettunen states.


AEGLE Barrier Light products offer the chance for individual consumer to affect the future and the environment with a small gesture. Every single day-to-day choice we make helps the nature to survive the immense amounts of waste.

We at Kotkamills are truly proud of our product. AEGLE Barrier Light makes the waste footprint smaller and ensures the effective re-usage of the fiber.

“Kotkamills wants to lead the development of new technologies in replacing plastic in the packages. Facing these new challenges is not always easy but with our innovative staff we can face them and conquer them”
Kettunen ends.

Be a GAME CHANGER and join us.

The AEGLE has landed.