Plastic free and easily recyclable cupstock.

Commuting to work with newspaper on one hand and the coffee cup on the other.
Picking up a coffee after lunch or sitting down with friends after a hard day’s work. 
Coffee cups are an integral part of the modern quick paced on-the-go lifestyle

Consumers and retailers require sustainable solutions. Kotkamills’ ISLA® Duo is an easily recyclable cupstock based on dispersion barrier. Being totally repulpable is the key factor in making the product as easily recyclable and sustainable as possible. Normal or traditional cupstocks have a plastic barrier, usually polyethylene (PE). Barrier prevents the liquids from immerging into the board or leaking. Cups with plastic barrier are hard to recycle because the plastic needs to be separated. If recycling is complex, the valuable fibre material together with plastic waste ends up in landfills all too often.




ISLA® Duo barrier is water-based dispersion. It is applicated with on-line coating technology. Being plastic free, ISLA® Duo can be recycled with normal paper and board waste. This way the recycling process is made as easy as possible for both the consumer and the retailer enabling the fibre re-usage for other fibre based products.

“Kotkamills can pride itself on being a Game Changer. Our family of ISLA® products and especially ISLA® Duo presents the world with a new type of sustainability for every day consumer needs. Hectic lifestyle of modern society and the growing number of conscious and rational consumers create a demand for sustainable products with easy-to-recycle capabilities. ISLA® Duo provides the consumers and retailers with all the required features
Kotkamills CEO Markku Hämäläinen states.