AEGLE® Barrier Plus

Fully recyclable consumer boards for frozen and greasy food without conventional plastic layer

Packaging protects food and consumables in our everyday life. The change in lifestyle sets new standards for packaging requirements. Frozen and fast food are here to stay and make our lifestyles possible.

AEGLE® Barrier Plus board with its high grease and moisture resistance is suitable for packaging of frozen and chilled food as well as bakery products and demanding fast food applications. Barrier consists of water based dispersion and is thus completely free from conventional plastic layer or added fluoro carbons.

Dispersion is applicated with on-line coating technology at the board machine saving the production energy, minimising the transportation and speeding up the production process.

AEGLE® Barrier Plus enables the valuable fibre recovery in normal board recycling or repulping schemes without leaving plastic waste. Traditional barrier board packaging materials have either fluoro chemicals or polyethylene plastic layer which makes the recycling or reusing hard due to the needed separation off plastic.

We at Kotkamills believe that rational consumers will make responsible and smart decisions but it is up to the manufacturer to provide the means to do so. By picking up the gauntlet of plastic free packaging Kotkamills aims to provide consumers with the best and most sustainable packaging solutions.

 “AEGLE® products are always PE free and easy to recycle. This gives Kotkamills products substantial advantage compared to traditional packaging solutions. Kotkamills’ AEGLE® Barrier Plus provides with excellent sustainable solution for consumer packaging requiring barrier properties.

AEGLE® Barrier Plus is ideally suited for frozen and greasy fast food that suit the modern lifestyle ideally. Kotkamills is extremely proud to welcome the latest member of the AEGLE® family into our midst”
Kotkamills' CEO Markku Hämäläinen concludes.